• 2003  Duke University
  • 2002  UCLA Hammer Museum of Ar
  • 2002   Film Festival de Cannes
  • 2002   CAL State, North Ridge
  • 2002   American Film Market (AFM)
  • 2002   NAPTE
  • 2002   New York International Film and Video Festival
  • 2001    New York International Film and Video Festival                              
  • 2001    Shorts International Film Festival                                                                             
  • 2001    Cinema and Television International Multimedia Market (MIFED)
  • 2001    Cleveland Institute of Art

The Settler is a science-fiction astro-environmental tale about the first person to settle and develop Mars. Filmed entirely in Los Angeles, it becomes evident that the piece is actually a meditation on contemporary Southern California. The “settler”, played by Jean-Pierre Gorin reflects back when he left Earth, the early exploration and development of Mars and how the planet was “terra-formed”  to support humans. Visually the story is split between the dystopic reality shot in digital video and the utopic dream, shot in film.