Montello Foundation residency, Nevada 2016

Rian Brown Montello image2.jpg

I spent two weeks in the northeast corner of Nevada in the desert at the Montello Foundation, I could spread my paintings out all over the wooden floor and paint for hours, witnessing the movement of light cast by the sun across the room. I felt like I was inside of a natural clock- working on my time-based images while suspended in a physical sundial marking the movement of the planet around the sun. I was inspired by this and made a daily time-lapse film of the studio and the light passing from day to night.

Working in total isolation, surrounded by sage, hawks, and charmed black-tailed jack-rabbits shifted my entire reality, metabolism, even the way I saw, felt and dreamt. It was at times scary, and even tedious, which for me are both doorways that force a deeper understanding of things. The long difficult dirt road over the mountain pass and into the ocean of sagebrush to arrive at the house tucked up on a ridge was an important part of the journey. It meant leaving completely the world of humans. And without people, cars, phones, noise and light pollution- it allowed me to go deeper into my inner life, as well as to begin to see and hear more clearly the present landscape. 


Rian Brown portrait.jpg