Death of the Moth is a short experimental film based on the symbol of the “moth”, which not unlike Icarus is a frivolous creature that is drawn towards the light, but will inevitably burns its wings and fall. It is collaboration with filmmaker Hege Royert and composer Tom Lopez. Death of the Moth is a visual and aural meditation on mankind's "falling from grace" and his out-of-balance relationship with nature.  It was made in the wake of the US bombing in Afghanistan, and premiered on the day the bombing began in Iraq. It was inspired by and shares the title of a short story by Virginia Woolf. The piece is built upon on a central metaphor of a falling figure, which falls through a vertigo-like madness, lands and dies, to be reborn out of the decay.


  • 2014 Massachusetts College of Art, Film Society, Boston MA
  • 2013 Snow College, Utah 
  • 2004 Victoria Film and Video Festival, “Interactive Futures”. Victoria, British Columbia CANADA
  • 2004 Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
  • 2003 Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
  • 2003 Suffolk University, Boston Massachusetts