Hope chest/ Il Corredo, (2011),  examines family, landscape and female identity. In 2011, I was invited to be in an exhibition of women artists called Ms Miss Mrs :21st Century Expressions of the Second Sex at the Convivium33, a spectacular converted church-to-art gallery in Cleveland, Ohio. For Hopechest: Il Corredo, I hung laundry lines above the altar, filling the space with billowing sheets of antique white linens given to me by Ada, my Italian mother-in-law. The textiles (il corredo, in Italian) comprise a sacred trousseau of sheets, towels and tablecloths, passed down from mother to daughter over generations, as a symbol and promise of wellbeing in the “home”.  I hung several dozens of these antique linens high in the church and projected video images of shadows and hands onto the sheets. The piece pays homage to Ada, as the linens are literal surfaces of memory of the births, deaths and dreams of those who occupied them.