Video excerpt from the center view of a three channel installation.

Breadcrumbs, 2005

Breadcrumbs was commissioned by the Allen Art Museum for an exhibition Traces and Lines: New Work at Oberlin and is about the search for “home”, and a meditation on the condition of physical transience.  Based loosely on the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, a woman scatters breadcrumbs through dozens of landscapes throughout time and space in attempt to be able to find her way back home. In an attempt to comprehend that home isn’t a place, but a state of mind, the film weaves together the three stages of the woman’s life, with the metamorphosis of a butterfly. The project was created over a three year period, in which the filmmaker traveled to back to the many places she had lived. In attempt to understand the impact of “rootlessness” she decided to enact a ritual of leaving breadcrumbs in these landscapes across the globe as a personal investigation of memory and place. These events became a part of a larger film, which attempts to unravel the nostalgia about home as a location, and ultimately reveals that home is a state of mind.